3 Things To Do Before Starting a Job

Preparation is key when it comes to a lot of things, but especially to starting a new job.

Here are 3 things I advise you do before starting your job:

1.) Upgrade your wardrobe

To look even slightly adult-ish, you’ve got to upgrade your wardrobe before you start your career. There’s no need to throw out your current clothes and charge hundreds of dollars for new ones. You only need 6 essential pieces to start with, then grow your professional wardrobe as your paycheck comes in.

Go to the 6 Professional Wardrobe Essentials for Guys and Girls post to see my recommendations.

2.) Update online presence

Please listen when I say this is so important! HR uses social media as a tool because it provides us access to view your professional persona before making hiring decisions. We look to see what professional organizations your belong to, what volunteer opportunities you’re involved in, your work experience, education, connections. Everything. Companies don’t want to hire a candidate who clearly disengaged in the basics of being a professional online, so always be protective of your online presence. Lock down your pages and/or remove all the risky content.

Check out my post on 5 Things to Update on Your Social Media Sites for more details on this topic.

3.) Determine and set goals

Upon meeting the CEO of a company, he introduced himself to me and without hesitation asked, “What are your goals in life?” I’m not even joking. It was such a simple question, but I was completely caught off guard. I hadn’t thought of my goals, wrote them down or acted upon them. I will admit, I was floating through my career; Big mistake because it leads to embarrassing moments like this where it looks like you’re a drifter in life with no ambitions.

Don’t be caught off guard!
  1. Visualize what you want
  2. Figure out that what is required to get what you want (time, work, etc.)
  3. Set a deadline and create a schedule
  4. Check in regularly to keep up with your progress

Whether you meet a goal later than expected, or you change your goal to something more relevant to your career path, start a plan to accomplish a goal. By determining and setting a goal, you are far more likely to achieve it (and not be caught off guard like I was).

Download the free Goal Tracker resource to get started on your goal!

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