6 Professional Workwear Essentials

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In my post, 3 Things to Do Before Starting a Job I recommended the first thing to do is to upgrade your wardrobe.

To look even slightly adult-ish, you’ve got to upgrade your wardrobe before you start your career. There’s no need to throw out your current clothes and charge hundreds of dollars for new ones. You only need 6 essential pieces to start with and then grow your professional wardrobe as your paycheck comes in.

Here are 6 (affordable) items I recommend:

  1. Button-up shirt
  2. Collared polo
  3. Laptop Bag
  4. Slacks/pants
  5. Dress shoes
  6. Khaki pants or dark washed jeans






  1. Blouse
  2. Skirt or a dress
  3. Fitted jacket
  4. Slacks/pants
  5. Pumps or flats
  6. Dark washed jeans






6 thoughts on “6 Professional Workwear Essentials

  1. This is very helpful advice. I had my first day at a new job 2 years ago, I’m in the medical profession and in my 30s however many of my colleagues showed up dressed in their hospital Dansko’s with poorly fitting pants and shirts I was very disappointed.

    • Oh no! The first days at a job can either be awesome or defeating. Hopefully it hasn’t been too bad since then!

    • Don’t you love them? They can go with anything in any season! They’re definitely a must have!

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